Man, waiting for his diagnosis  

Running like an animal,  sketch for essay about running

Poor kids! -Sketch for an essay about poor children

About tiny pictures and new technique

Cover sketch for a book by Mårten Melin, Rabén & Sjögren

Keyhole pattern, not used yet  

Peter Eriksson, swedish politician Unused portrait for an essay


Mother & child I, 2009  

Unknown karaoke, 2009  

Setch that I won't use, for a book by Mårten Melin

Working lady  

Unknown karaoke, 2009  



Cover sketches for a chapter book by Mårten Melin, Rabén & Sjögren


kids, 2008  

House, 2008  

2009 & 2009  

Furniture Miniature, 2009  

Sketch, 2007  


Unknown office party, 2009  

Unknown man at uknknown  office party, 2009


Children, 2008  

Birthdaycard, private  

Interiors, private print  

Trio, unpublished  

Stuff, 2009 (private print)  

Private print, 2008  


Unknown smoker, 2009  

Portrait, 2010  

Girls on a row, 2009  

Camping, 2009  


Knights, 2009  

People, 2009  

Birthdaycard, 2008 (private)  

Horsemen, 2007  

Tiny animals, sketch, 2007  

Mother & child II, 2009